Interesting facts about multimedia

Multimedia has become part of our daily lives. Whether it’s watching TV or playing a game on Xbox or Playstation, it’s impossible to live without these technologies. Multimedia helps us get information instantly, whether it’s for entertainment or educational purposes.

First Multimedia

The first multimedia was the pictogram. This was invented by the Chinese in 2700 BC and was made from wood blocks that would be painted using pigments. Pictograms could represent an object but also words like “male” or “female”. These early pictograms are similar to the ones we use today, only they used colours instead of black and white.

Moving Pictures

The moving image is considered one of the earliest forms of multimedia. It appeared very late as compared with other media. However, there have been many improvements since their invention while in the past films were shot through projectors and projected onto a tabletop. The best film format for this purpose still is 35mm due to its ability to produce higher-quality pictures.

Tape Recording

A tape recording was invented back in 1903, which allowed people to record sound on thin materials. So far, tape recordings have never lost popularity, mostly because of the ease of editing. Many people keep tapes of lectures or songs for future listening purposes. One question you may ask is when did people start making CDs, then MP3s? Well, they started doing so at the end of the 80s, starting with vinyl records, and cassette tapes and then moving on to CDs. But people don’t just stop making them, there will always be people who want to make good-quality audio content.

Personal Computer

The personal computer appeared around the world in the 70s until it became popular in the mid-80s. Then it created another phenomenon known as the internet. Today, everyone can surf the web, watch videos, listen to music and play games. Nowadays, even mobile phones are getting more powerful.


Video is everywhere! You need to see every video you can find. From family video clips to funny cat videos, everything seems to be recorded in video format. People have realized the importance of this medium and search for new ways to improve themselves. Just choose what type of video you want to watch and enjoy your time!


Television remotes have changed dramatically in the last few years. Back then if you wanted to change channels on your television, you had to press a button on the television remote control. Today, televisions come with a touch screen that displays all available functions. And most of those functions can be controlled via apps on tablets or smartphones.

We now rely on multimedia systems heavily

 For example, we now use cameras to take photos online. We now use multimedia messaging services to send messages quickly across platforms. It truly brings the world together. You can now reach out to someone on the opposite side of the planet instantly!


Multimedia has become an important part of our lives. If you look at any newspaper websites, blogs or podcasts etc., you will notice how many multimedia elements appear these days. Visit online casinos today and enjoy different variations of blackjack.